AbstractSubduction zones are one of the most important sites of chemical interchange between the Earth’s surface and interior. One means of explaining the high Fe3+/Fe ratios and oxidized nature of primary arc magmas is the transfer of sulfate (SOX), carbonate (CO3 ), and/or iron (Fe3+) bearing fluids from the slab to the overlying mantle. Iron mobility and Fe stable isotope fractionation in fluids are influenced by Fe redox state and the presence of chlorine and/or sulfur anions.

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steriods 3609KbAbstractThis thesis is concerned with Walter Pater’s only completed, novel, Marius the Epicurean. Although the novel is set in the Antonine period of Ancient Rome, it is to some extent an account of Pater’s own philosophical development steroids for women, and I have considered it, first, as autobiography. After a discussion of the textual history of the novel, and its place in Pater’s proposed fictional trilogy, I have examined the philosophical content in more detail, tracing the course of Marius’s philosophic ‘Journey’, and relating it to Pater’s reading of German philosophy steriods.