Invertors TM individual preference and judgement are cooperated in the decision making process by using satisfaction functions to measure the objectives. A compromise based goal programming approach is applied to find compromised solutions. By this approach, not only can we obtain quality solutions in a reasonable computational time, but also we can achieve a trade off between the objectives according to investors TM preference and judgement to enable a better decision making.

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steriods The composition of sphalerite is similar to ancient and modern massive sulfide mineralizations globally. Microthermometric studies from quartz from the stockwork ore has shown two populations of two phase fluid inclusions with vapor/liquid ratios between 4 to 28%, low to intermediate Th (161.5 317.0 C) and low salinities (0.9 5 wt.% NaCl equiv.) which are mostly in good agreement with the ranges for volcanogenic massive sulfide mineralizations. These studies also suggest a H2O CaCl2 KCl MgCl2 ore forming fluid system in a shallower subsurface near the seafloor vents steriods.