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For other executive branch appointments, Trump seems to have selected nominees based on who would be the absolute worst person for any given position. But until recently, his Fed choices seemed.. Totally reasonable. Fig then hides under my parents bed and hisses at Callie whenever she’s nearby. I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure she is just curious and doesn’t have intentions of actually hurting him. Callie’s very playful which I think Fig doesn’t like, but how’s he supposed to know she doesn’t pose a threat? Sorry for the rambling..

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I snuck into one a few months back with a group of people. There was a guy and his wife sitting in the suites seats and he says “Oh you work for so and so company”. I googled the CEO of the company ahead of time and said yeah I blah blah good friend and we actually work for one of the customers of your company..

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