The person who finds the hostage wins the grand prize. Sounds simple enough, and no doubt exceptionally fun. However, there’s nothing whimsical about this game. “She knew the child was injured that needed medical attention.”Related StoriesAhizya Osceola Was Found Stuffed in Box and Covered in BruisesAhizya Osceola’s Siblings Ordered to Be Taken From Father as Police Continue InvestigationPolice Suspect Foul Play in Ahizya Osceola’s Death, According to ReportFernandez also confirmed that the boy’s body had been hidden inside trash bags and then placed in a box.”No child should ever endure what little Ahizya had to endure during his life,” Fernandez said, indicating that some of Ahizya’s bruises and injuries had been done over time.Fernandez was asked if DCF dropped the ball when it was called to the Osceola home four separate times, only to write in their files that abuse was “unsubstantiated.””Th only true failsafe system is responsible a parent,” Fernandez said. “I’m not in charge of DCF, and it would be inappropriate to comment on DCF,” he added.According to the medical examiner, Ahizya was not alive when placed in the box.According Hollywood Police, the boy’s stepmother, Analiz Osceola Furla Outlet, is being charged with aggravated manslaughter and child neglect. She is also being charged with breaking “Caylee’s Law” for allegedly providing police with false information.Ahizya’s father fjallraven kanken, Nelson, has been charged with one count of child neglect.Court documents had recently revealed Ahizya’s stepmother had been with him the night he died.

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