You accept the constant cancerous car smog everyday in public that is truly unavoidable with automobiles being our main form of transportation. I hate ubnoxious smokers that have no respect for others in their CLOSE proximity while smoking, but to act so pompous and ignorant to every other truly unavoidable pollutant that carries way more direct risk to health then briefly encountering cigarette smoke over time is fucking preposterous. That way of thinking wholesale nfl jerseys from china, and this whole subs tunnel visioned though process on cigarettes is ridiculous and hilarious.

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If you speak up, all 45 of those people are going to get pissed at you instead for ticking him off to begin with (even though most people would agree he being the unreasonable one here). As long as you stay silent, you just another innocent person being punished unjustly and you and your 45 friends can raise a stink and complain about it all you want. Odds are wholesale jerseys from china, one debatably unjust punishment is going to get overlooked way easier than one debatably unjust punishment AND 45 definitely unjust ones after all, this dude got fired in the end.

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