Leaf surfaces are highly complex functional systems with well defined chemistry and structure dictating the barrier and transport properties of the leaf cuticle. It is a significant imaging challenge to analyse the very thin and often complex wax like leaf cuticle morphology in their natural state. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and to a lesser extent Atomic force microscopy are techniques that have been used to study the leaf surface but their remains information that is difficult to obtain via these approaches.

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GNA and Con A stimulated similar short term elevations in BBM enzyme and soluble trypsin activities and a long term reduction in a glucosidase activity. Increases in levels of trypsin activity in faecal material collected from lectin fed larvae suggested that the proteins may act by disrupting mechanisms of enzyme recycling. Aminopeptidase, an abundant and avidly binding BBM protein (120 kDa), was identified as a major Con A binding species in L.

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