Manages the Trump organization Manafort Trump’s campaign manager (convicted, in jail) Page Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Gates Trump’s deputy campaign manager Gordon Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos Trump campaign foreign policy adviser (pleaded guilty, served time in jail) Stone Trump confidant and outside adviser (probably will be indicted) Ivanka Trump’s daughter Caputo Trump campaign aide Berkowitz Long time Kushner associate and White House aide Prince Trump envoy and brother to Education secretary Betsy DeVos Scaramucci Member of Trump transition team and later White House communications directorIs this enough smoke to reasonably presume that Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia to throw the election to him?PrettyPantherposted 13 days agoin reply to thisHaven’t you been keeping up? None of this is evidence of collusion. There is ZERO evidence. None! Not even a tiny shred.

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