Still even if Teutons play standard and go knights this is a perfect opportunity for Turks to play Cav Archers as Teutons do not get husbandry and can forever be kited. The expansions gave Turks a great alternate option so even if you don want to go gunpowder and most likely 1v1 Teutons will go halb/hc/BBC. Turkish HCA + siege ram + free hussar as meatblock might actually throw Teutons off guard since you would expect Turks to go gunpowder war.

Later there a close up of the sign. That a German city limit sign, Austrian signs look like this. The two towns of Knigstetten and Zeiselmauer do exist and they are outside Vienna, but they only 3.8 km apart, and there no forest anywhere on that route.

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To add to the Ivern train (clock the flair):I really really REALLY dislike how it SIGNIFICANTLY hard for Ivern to catch up from being behind. You make one incorrect move in the early game cheap yeti tumbler, enemy invades your jungle, and your gold income and experience become next to nothing until either your camps respawn (and you successfully take them without getting invaded once again) or you get to level 12/13 where your passive lets you take camps after a few seconds. The early to mid game struggle is DEFINITELY real when you get someone like an Udyr, Trynd, Jax cheap yeti tumbler, or Shyv.In his current state, Ivern is WAY too reliant on his lanes to not screw up and lose lane.

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