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When you send your child to a private school, you wouldn want them going to school with unvaccinated children. So, private schools could say, “No child may enter this school unless they show record of xyz vaccinations”.The fear that they will “get others sick” is very real. But if we actually gave people a choice (of where to send their kids, which roads to drive on, which parks to use, etc.) then this wouldn be a problem since we could always _exclude_ the unvaccinated.One dramatic way of looking at our tax system in relation to the question of subsidy or fairness is to assume for a moment that this is 1850, and that the question arises in the North as to what should be done with slaves who had managed to escape from the South.

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Nobody is disagreeing that language study is important. All I suggested was that it isn’t necessarily for everyone and that focusing on people’s strengths could be a better way. Kids are taught about engineering passively through things like Lego or K’nex at a very young age, something I happened to be particularly attracted and invested in.

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