36MbAbstractThis thesis comprises two separate but related topics in the study of optical polarization of galaxies. In part I we investigate interstellar polarization within 2 kpc of the sun and attempt to quantify the local structure of the galactic magnetic field. In part II we report the results of polarization measurements of the peculiar galaxy M82, obtained using a new polarimeter and digital reduction techniques, and discuss models of the origin of the polarization.

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steroid side effects When I was in school, sometimes I wrote diaries. I enjoyed writing down my important experiences and talk about the key events of my life. Then when I came to Australia I started to jot things down again. Secondly, and conversely steroids, however, it was also the aim of this study to cover as much of the socio political history of this turbulent period as possible in a relatively short amount of space. Mainstream media were subject to a mildly racist media portrayal, which fluctuated in the severity of its denigration as and when the much maligned ‘peace process’ (In the specific language of Oslo.) swerved ‘off and ‘on track’. Mainstream media portrayals of the Palestinian Arab, and other Arabs, shall continue unabated steroid side effects.